Episode 9: Robots and Feelings

Welcome to Season 2!
We are glad to be back. This week we talked about robots.
Oh, and guess what? We’re on Twitter!

Here’s what we talked about in the first episode of the season:

  • What is a robot?
  • Affective computing and personal robots (Cynthia Breazeal)
  • Beyond humanoid existence vs. uncanny valley
  • Feelings and emotional purposes (Robot and FrankHer)
    [SPOILER ALERT for Her: 10:15–11:15]
  • What’s shklerm?
  • Instinct vs. knowledge
  • Can a robot be a good consultant?
  • Commercial: Escape the Rum
  • What’s the difference between a robot and a tool?
  • A refrigerating animal, the “wild freezer mammoth”
  • Can a robot make ethical decisions? Also: robots and war
  • If a robot can fool you into thinking it feels, does it matter if it actually feels?

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