Ep. 12: Arrr! Modern-day Piracy (with guest Andrew Yellis)

In this week’s episode we discuss piracy from all sorts of angles. We hope you enjoy it.

Episode notes:

  • Pirates: not just on boats
  • The history of media piracy
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Streaming vs. downloading
  • Watching House of Cards in China
  • Buying VCDs in Turkey
  • Access to American content in Cuba
  • FOMO
  • What about the little guy?
  • Freebooting
  • Blockchain
  • Making games hard in reaction to piracy
  • Commercial break: Tire Track Tracker
  • How is piracy a temptation for different age groups?
  • Academic materials
  • Younger generations have grown up with the Internet
  • It’s a transparent world

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