Ep. 13: And the Oscar Goes to… Award Shows!

Everyone’s talking about the Oscars… including us. Here’s episode 13!

Episode notes: 

  • The Oscars
  • Everyone is talking about the envelope fiasco
  • Luis thinks fireworks are boring
  • Why do we watch award shows?
  • Snapchat is a lot like TV
  • Oscars as recommendation system
  • Snapchat is the long tail
  • YouTube has awards; does Snapchat have awards?
  • Jerry Seinfeld hates awards
  • Could we watch the Oscars on Snapchat?
  • How would you judge Snapchat content if it is ever-flowing?

Commercial: Awardrobes

  • Does anyone watch the Oscars anymore?
  • People’s choice vs. industry professionals’ choice
  • How does social media buzz affect award-giving?
  • The politics of award shows
  • There are people who understand Lord of the Rings mythology better than the producers and actors
  • How does the source of the praise affect how you feel receiving it?
  • Who should select the winners of the Oscars?

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