Ep. 15: Laughter – The Good, the Mad, the Funny

In episode 15, we discussed laughter. It started off normal, but then we got into facets and perspectives of laughter we didn’t expect! This is your very not-normal podcast episode on the topic of laughter.

Episode notes:

Ep. 15: Laughter – The Good, the Mad, the Funny
  • Laughter: humorous or social?
  • Did you pick your laugh?
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • The giggle loop
  • Should we do the “ha-ha” game at a PFL retreat?
  • Trash in the Himalayas: is that funny, punk?
  • Memes
  • The irony of laughing at something that’s not funny
  • Watching bad movies—on purpose
  • The Room, Tommy Wiseau
  • Stephanie’s high school summer of bad sci fi
  • Blockbuster: the virtue of escaping recommendation engines
  • Best of the Worst and Neil Breen
  • Trying to beat Netflix’s recommendation engine
  • Commercial break: Laugh Assistant
  • Evolution and laughter
  • Comedians as laugh-makers
  • Gallows humor, laughter as a way to cope
  • Humor in older age
  • Two extremes: outrage and laughter
  • When humor goes wrong
  • Michael Richards, Justine Sacco, mocking others: when people pile on
  • Are trolls normal people? + Bullying on social media
  • The implications and context of laughter
  • Laughter and anxiety
  • Have courage, try your best—continue to bring laughter to the world!

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