Ep. 16: The Future of Graduate Education (with guest Karen Phillips)

Recently we were fortunate to have Karen Phillips join us! She is the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs at Boston University Questrom School of Business. We chatted about many topics relevant to the future of graduate education: leadership skills, accepting feedback, communication skills, and how new technologies and teaching methods are impacting the future of education. You can connect with Karen on LinkedIn and Instagram and you can connect with her office, the BU Questrom Grad Center, on Twitter.

Episode notes:

  • About Karen Phillips
  • Graduate education on the high seas
  • What’s it’s like overseeing all aspects of graduate education at a business school
  • Introverted and extroverted leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • How to respond to angry tweets
Commercial break: #questromlife
  • The future of education
  • BU Questrom’s Micromasters
  • The relational aspect of digital learning
  • MOOC certificate programs
  • Employers and competency-based digital learning
  • The role of industry in the future of education
  • The spectrum of hybrid learning: where does the residential university end and online learning begin?
  • BU’s unique MSMS program
  • Where does education end and work begin?
  • Hiring curious employees
  • Are you learning what you need today or what you’ll need tomorrow?
  • Innovation: don’t sit on your laurels
  • Skills that have been important over the decades
  • Do what you are passionate about

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