Ep. 18: The Culture of Entrepreneurship (with Ian Mashiter)

In this week’s episode, we discussed entrepreneurship with Ian Mashiter, Director of Entrepreneurship Activities at Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Episode notes:

  • Why entrepreneurship is critical for the economy
  • The relevance of entrepreneurship to large corporations
  • “It’s really about a transformation of minds. It’s really about getting people to have an entrepreneurial way of thinking.”
  • Entrepreneurship at Boston University
  • Is entrepreneurship innate or can it be learned?
  • Experiential learning as a model for entrepreneurship education
  • The investor’s perspective
  • Bubbles and the Internet
  • Ian Mashiter’s history as an entrepreneur
  • Commercial: The BUzz Lab
  • The role of problem-solving
  • Passion and persistence
  • SnowMonkey
  • The BUzz Lab resources: mentorship, Summer Accelerator program, etc.
  • Professor Mashiter’s favorite movie
  • Artist entrepreneurs
  • Hacker, Hustler, Hipster
  • The cultural dimension to entrepreneurship
  • Exit strategy
  • Failure
  • The pivot
  • The path to entrepreneurship

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