Can you keep a friend forever? If so, how? If not, …? Episode notes:  Does the magic of friendship last? What is a friend? Are Facebook friends… friends? The definition of friendship: has it evolved? Friend audit Friendship in terms of database management Can friendship be one-sided? Friends you see daily and friends far away […]

The age-old question: do grades matter? We’ve heard this question about a thousand times and decided to tackle it head on. Episode notes:  Do grades correctly reflect achievement? How are grades constructed? Grades as inaccurate predictors of success Different sources of power Professors and power The status of honor societies Competition, aspiration Commercial: Time paradox […]

Are all geniuses mad? Episode notes:  The synonym of genius: Einstein The IQ test Can you be a genius without realizing you are a genius? The troubled genius Artists and other creative geniuses Does genius come at a cost? Incidental genius Are you born with it? Genius as divine inspiration The role of curiosity Gifted […]

If you’re a time traveler, please comment on this post to let us know if you did actually attend Stephen Hawking’s party. Thanks. Episode notes:  Ep. 22: Time Travel – Omega Hermione’s time turner Time zones: Stephanie lived the same day twice Boston: the city out of time The Lake House, First Edition, Primer, Back […]

CAKE!!!!!!!!!! Episode notes:  Our favorite desserts Cheesecake is not a cake Stephanie’s birthday tradition Luis’ childhood experiences with cake International desserts Childhood candies that are hard to find Ray’s history with the Crunch bar Holidays, candy, and consumerism Sugar and childhood development Sugar as anesthetic Sugar is a drug Sugar in beverages The ethics of […]

FINALS ARE STRESSFUL! Jobs, life, family, volunteer, health issues, etc. — it can all cause stress. We are here to talk about stress and give you a little bit of zen in your day, especially because “podcasts are the new Xanax.” Episode notes: It’s finals period! Are you stressed? Smiling Yoga Amy Cuddy The benefits […]