Ep. 21: This Episode is Sweet


Episode notes: 

  • Our favorite desserts
  • Cheesecake is not a cake
  • Stephanie’s birthday tradition
  • Luis’ childhood experiences with cake
  • International desserts
  • Childhood candies that are hard to find
  • Ray’s history with the Crunch bar
  • Holidays, candy, and consumerism
  • Sugar and childhood development
  • Sugar as anesthetic
  • Sugar is a drug
  • Sugar in beverages
  • The ethics of sugar: products marketed as “healthy”
  • How orange juice is made (you’ll be horrified)
  • The ice cream flavor all three co-hosts love
  • Sean Spicer and Dippin’ Dots
  • Concession stand: what do you get at the movies?
  • Stickiness
  • Desserts as a short-term reward
  • Dessert cheese
  • Anise, absynthe, and hot dogs
  • Commercial: Bobbin’ for Apples
  • Why do we eat dessert last?
  • The history of chocolate
  • Ancient desserts
  • Mormons, horehound hard candy, and taffy pulling
  • The candy bomber
  • Candy as hope and a reminder of home
  • Guava paste
  • Confectionary trends
  • The rise of “healthy candy”

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