Ep. 23: The Madness of Genius

Are all geniuses mad?

Episode notes: 

  • The synonym of genius: Einstein
  • The IQ test
  • Can you be a genius without realizing you are a genius?
  • The troubled genius
  • Artists and other creative geniuses
  • Does genius come at a cost?
  • Incidental genius
  • Are you born with it?
  • Genius as divine inspiration
  • The role of curiosity
  • Gifted children
  • Can genius be taught?
  • Beyond intellectual and creative genius
  • Isn’t genius relative?
  • Galileo Galilei: the risks of genius
  • Unsuccessful genius
  • Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison
  • Commercial: Genius Garden
  • The unnoticed geniuses
  • Giving women credit for discoveries
  • Happy Mothers Day: mothers who facilitate our learning
  • We build upon past genius
  • Artificial intelligence: surpassing human genius?
  • Evolution and magical DNA
  • Imagination

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