Ep. 24: Do Grades Matter?

The age-old question: do grades matter? We’ve heard this question about a thousand times and decided to tackle it head on.

Episode notes: 

  • Do grades correctly reflect achievement?
  • How are grades constructed?
  • Grades as inaccurate predictors of success
  • Different sources of power
  • Professors and power
  • The status of honor societies
  • Competition, aspiration
  • Commercial: Time paradox box (again!)
  • The power dynamics of grades
  • Do grades account for soft skills?
  • Grades are just a simplified tool
  • What is the future of grades?
  • A better understanding of who people are and what they can do
  • Is grading itself a primitive practice?
  • Grade non-disclosure agreements
  • Ethics and incentives: will people who are rewarded by a bad system still fight to correct that system?
  • Grades as a metaphor for politics
  • Taking a more holistic approach to seeing people
  • Grades as a heuristic
  • Does academic achievement translate to workplace achievement?
  • Should resumes be screened by GPA?
  • Do people in all courses really fit to a normal curve?

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