Ep. 25: How to Keep a Friend

Can you keep a friend forever? If so, how? If not, …?

Episode notes: 

  • Does the magic of friendship last?
  • What is a friend?
  • Are Facebook friends… friends?
  • The definition of friendship: has it evolved?
  • Friend audit
  • Friendship in terms of database management
  • Can friendship be one-sided?
  • Friends you see daily and friends far away
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of friendship
  • Childhood vs. adulthood friendships
  • Friendship: serendipitous or hard work?
  • Commercial: The Friendship Battery
  • 100 years ago: communicating with friends
  • Dunbar’s number
  • Long-distance friendships
  • How to maintain friendship
  • Technology’s role
  • Friendship takes time
  • Friendship atrophy
  • Can it be a perfect balance of give and take?
  • Can a deep friendship be reinstated after many years of separation?

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