Ep. 25: How to Keep a Friend

Can you keep a friend forever? If so, how? If not, …?

Episode notes: 

  • Does the magic of friendship last?
  • What is a friend?
  • Are Facebook friends… friends?
  • The definition of friendship: has it evolved?
  • Friend audit
  • Friendship in terms of database management
  • Can friendship be one-sided?
  • Friends you see daily and friends far away
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of friendship
  • Childhood vs. adulthood friendships
  • Friendship: serendipitous or hard work?
  • Commercial: The Friendship Battery
  • 100 years ago: communicating with friends
  • Dunbar’s number
  • Long-distance friendships
  • How to maintain friendship
  • Technology’s role
  • Friendship takes time
  • Friendship atrophy
  • Can it be a perfect balance of give and take?
  • Can a deep friendship be reinstated after many years of separation?

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  1. GREAT TOPIC! really enjoyed listening to this one. one thing I would like to add is how you can have a friend with only one common interest that bonds you so closely. even though you are so different besides that one interest you find yourself liking things you never thought you’d like and vice versa. it’s pretty awesome!


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