Ep. 26: Time Travel – Alpha: Aging

To age or not to age? Wait a minute…


Episode notes: 

  • Society’s fear of aging
  • Agism
  • Seniors and their independence
  • Tom Leer’s song
  • Aging for women vs. men
  • Aging in Japanese culture
  • The Giver
  • Experience over mere ability
  • The perks of being old
  • Traveling and age
  • Commercial: Time Paradox Box
  • Why are younger people afraid of getting old?
  • Expectations: seniors vs. teenagers
  • Retirement
  • Why seniors should podcast
  • PFL in 40 years
  • Senior singles
  • Friendships help us age well
  • Aging vs. growth
  • The biology of aging (cellular senescence)
  • The immortal jellyfish
  • Anti-aging science and technology
  • Natural ways to slow aging

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