Ep. 27: Summer – on the Beach or at the Space Station?

What are your summer plans? We’ll be recording more episodes!

Episode notes: 

  • Do we take more risks in the summer than in other seasons?
  • Summer vacation
  • Jobs that make it difficult to take a vacation
  • Dangerous sports
  • Attempts to avoid a shark bite
  • Ways to treat a jellyfish sting
  • Our favorite seasons
  • The story of the grateful woman
  • When seasons change
  • Traveling during summer
  • Two types of holidays
  • Virtual reality and tourism
  • Commercial: Invisibility Sunscreen
  • Will there be such a thing as a virtual reality summer?
  • Summer: away to the ocean, Europe, etc.
  • Virtual reality providing accessibility to a new market
  • Augmented reality for an enhanced vacation experience
  • Democratizing augmented reality for tourism
  • Most memorable summer activities
  • Summer vacation to Mars
  • Space elevator

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