So you went to college online. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you learned how to build a house learning exclusively from YouTube videos. Well, listen to this. Episode notes:  What is a MOOC? Are MOOCs more interesting than normal college courses? Are MOOCs the future? Are online courses effective? The role of online learning in […]

Are you bored? Listen to this. Episode notes:  When are you most bored? Are children more prone to boredom than adults? Inactivity vs. boredom Is boredom related to imagination, motivation, energy? Boredom as a lack of freedom Boredom from entertainment overload Boredom as a source of innovation and creativity Commercial: Bartholomew’s School for Active Children […]

Are any of us really in control? Find out by listening to this episode. Episode notes: Independence as control Cosmic lack of control Controlling the weather Do humans ultimately desire to conquer and control? Civilization as control over environment Do we ever desire to lose control? The spiritual side: acknowledging a lack of control The […]