Ep. 30: The Illusion of Control

"The illusion of control"

Are any of us really in control? Find out by listening to this episode.

Episode notes:

  • Independence as control
  • Cosmic lack of control
  • Controlling the weather
  • Do humans ultimately desire to conquer and control?
  • Civilization as control over environment
  • Do we ever desire to lose control?
  • The spiritual side: acknowledging a lack of control
  • The power of the brain
  • Drugs and loss of control
  • Modern life: too much control?
  • Who has more control?
  • Uncertainty and letting go
  • Commercial: The Vacuum Cleaner for your soul
  • Self-control
  • Controlling our dreams (shout out to Episode 14)
  • Control and anxiety
  • Pursuit of control as an irritant
  • Is there a balance between control and lack of control?
  • The relationship between control and power
  • Has the Internet given people more control?
  • Internet activism
  • How do our choices affect others?
  • Bonus: Getting the commercial right

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