Ep. 31: Boredom (with Chinmay Dhandhania)

Paper with "bored" written all over it

Are you bored? Listen to this.

Episode notes: 

  • When are you most bored?
  • Are children more prone to boredom than adults?
  • Inactivity vs. boredom
  • Is boredom related to imagination, motivation, energy?
  • Boredom as a lack of freedom
  • Boredom from entertainment overload
  • Boredom as a source of innovation and creativity
  • Commercial: Bartholomew’s School for Active Children
  • Are we more bored as a society than we used to be?
  • Choice paralysis / overload / FOMO
  • Boredom and dissatisfaction
  • Are people with depression more prone to boredom?
  • Being bored during work vs. leisure time
  • Is any event inherently boring or does it vary by person?
  • Is boredom about choice?
  • Is boredom one cause of drug abuse?
  • Are some people more prone to boredom than others?
  • Are the thrill-seekers among us the more prone to boredom?
  • Embrace the boredom

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