Ep. 33: Online Learning: A Must or a Bust?


So you went to college online. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you learned how to build a house learning exclusively from YouTube videos. Well, listen to this.

Episode notes: 

  • What is a MOOC?
  • Are MOOCs more interesting than normal college courses?
  • Are MOOCs the future?
  • Are online courses effective?
  • The role of online learning in the workplace
  • Who learns online?
  • Can one put online learning on a resume?
  • Commercial: Pifflorations
  • You can learn just about anything online
  • Online misinformation: how do you know what’s true?
  • The modularization of content
  • Reading the news
  • The importance of context and source
  • Can online learning replace the traditional college experience?

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