Ep. 34: Field Trip – Popnology! The Past’s Future

Back to the Future poster with hoverboard from the movie

Recently, we visited the Museum of Science in Boston to see the Popnology exhibit. We recorded this *special episode* for the occasion. Our discussions crossed the boundaries of space and time as we talked our way through the exhibit and afterward. In this episode you’ll get our insights into this interesting exhibit as well as flashbacks to what we were experiencing as we viewed the different objects. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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Episode notes:

  • *Special episode*
  • We visited the Popnology Exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science! In this episode we discuss some topics that come up in the exhibit, such as:
  • Lots of robotic arms (e.g., Baxter!)
  • Space Elevator
  • What the smartphone has replaced
  • The love for retro
  • Digital vs. 35mm photography
  • 3-D printed cars
  • A world with flying cars
  • The wall of tech prophecies (did they really envision the future?)
  • Pop culture influenced by research… and research influenced by pop culture
  • Sustainability and escapism: will we need to leave planet earth?
  • What was the point of the Popnology Exhibit?

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