Ep. 35: What’s the Deal with Sleep?

In this episode we delve into the depths and mysteries of SLEEP. What is sleep? Why does it exist? What are the cultural dimensions to sleep?

Episode notes: 

  • What defines sleep?
  • What’s your common sleep position?
  • Why do we sleep?
  • Sleep deprivation
  • The relationship of anxiety and sleep
  • Sleep apnea and night terrors
  • Naps and siestas
  • Commercial: Hypernation Pills
  • Sleep paralysis and kanashibari
  • Cultural views of sleep
  • Debunking bunker: Does turkey make you sleepy?
  • Food and sleep: Rip Van Winkle, pizza dreams
  • How to fall asleep or sleep well
  • Relationships and sleep (fairytales vs. reality)
  • Vulnerability
  • Sleeping in public and social norms
  • “Sleep ecologies” (Adler; Worthman and Melby)
  • Sleep in different parts of the world

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