Ep. 39: Listeners’ Choice – Celebration (1st Anniversary Special!)

It’s time to celebrate—our podcast is ONE YEAR OLD! Wow, time flies! We posted to our Facebook Page a question: What topic should we talk about in our anniversary episode? We got a lot of responses, really interesting ideas that we’ll likely talk about in future episodes. The one we chose was Akshay’s topic: CELEBRATION, or Why do we celebrate. So, this one is dedicated to Akshay. We happen to talk about birthdays for a moment in this episode, which was a topic submitted by Jan Marie, so we got to two listeners’ topics in one episode! That’s how we like to celebrate.

Listen to this episode:

Episode notes:

  • Is “celebrating the everyday” really a celebration?
  • Celebrations as checkpoints
  • Celebration vs. recurring holidays
  • Luis’ story about his mother’s gifts
  • Ray on Turkish weddings and communal lamb
  • Is celebration a group activity?
  • History/etymology of celebration
  • Two types of celebration (surprise vs. expected)
  • Steph on Utah’s and the LDS Church’s celebration of Pioneer Day
  • Luis on Cuban celebrations
  • Commercial: Chainsaw the Clown / Murder Clowns LLC
  • What’s the purpose of celebrating?
  • Holiday anxiety
  • Funerals
  • Birthdays
  • Celebration pet peeves

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