Ep. 41: The Bigger Sick

What were the biggest epidemics in history? Learn all about disease in this episode. Yes, we do talk about zombies. We couldn’t help ourselves, it was almost Halloween.

Episode notes: 

  • Most destructive diseases in history
  • Contagion
  • Social contagion
  • The spread of ideas
  • Should you vaccinate your child?
  • Travel and disease
  • The Anthrax story
  • Disease in war
  • Suicide contagion
  • Commercial: Minority animal diseases
  • World of Warcraft and the CDC
  • Studying the spread of disease
  • Google Flu Trends
  • Dancing Plague of 1518
  • Fictitious monsters on the Internet
  • Leprosy colonies
  • Zombies
  • Network theory

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