Ep. 42: Handy Dandy Pets

What is a “pet parent”? How many socks can a bulldog eat? What is the appropriate send-off for a chameleon that has passed on? This and more in a wacky episode about pets.

Episode notes: 

  • What are pets?
  • Being a “pet parent”
  • What’s in an animal’s mind?
  • Humans raised by animals
  • Do animals feel emotions similar to humans’?
  • Commercial: Petcestry Genomics
  • Why do we have pets?
  • Homeless pets
  • People who poison other people’s pets
  • Ray’s chameleon
  • Luis’s dog
  • Steph’s dog
  • Worm charming
  • Are people like their pets?
  • Caring for pets vs. children
  • Street cats
  • Seeing-eye dogs
  • Vanity pets and breeding

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