Ep. 47: Utopia 3 – How Do We Get There?

In this third part of our Utopia series, we try to answer the question of how to get to utopia.

Episode notes: 

  • From the perspective of inputs
  • How do you make real your utopic vision of the future?
  • Barriers to reaching utopia
  • Types of utopias, e.g., techno-utopia, eco-utopia, agrarian utopia
  • The near future: what can we do to get on a trajectory toward utopia
  • How do you reach Mormon utopia?
  • Utopia: do we need to share core values?
  • The role of culture in utopia
  • Economic utopia and blockchain
  • Commercial: Stella AI
  • Value creation and exchange in utopia
  • If there’s no work in the future, will there be currency?
  • Do you trust your image of utopia?
  • The role of trust in utopia
  • Start with yourself first
  • Reaching for utopia

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