Ep. 48: Forgiveness and Second Chances

This episode is all about why and how to forgive, gaining back trust, making mistakes, the purpose of forgiveness, and more. Commercial: Confessional

Excerpt from the episode:

Steph: We just get so bent out of shape when somebody wrongs us, and we forget that that’s the mortal experience. The intimate a relationship is, the more hurt you’re going to experience. Not because intimate relationships are a bad thing, but because—

Ray: You’re more vulnerable.

Steph: Yes! You’re vulnerable! And you have more opportunities to hurt each other, even mistakenly without intending to. And that is part of the experience. And that’s why forgiveness and repentance are such critical and essential elements of the human experience. If we cannot master repenting and forgiving, then we will experience much more friction and conflict in our lives than we need to.

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