Ep. 49: Internet Exaggeration

In this episode, we talk about Internet+ethics. Put on your snorkel, because we’re going to be looking below the surface.

Episode notes: 

We start with our first memories of the Internet. Then we discuss fake news and echo chambers. Can we find good sources and can we trust the press? What is a good incentive structure for journalism? Is journalism (or can it be) unbiased? Infographics and data without context. Listening and understanding vs. winning arguments. Outrage: our biological flaw. Is sensationalism fake news? The breakdown of trust. [Commercial: Commercial Tracker 300.] Virality based on outrage: Ken Bone and Hugh Mungus. Getting the public’s attention: Kony 2012. Finding information online. We end this episode with a discussion of being ethical about what we put online.

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