Ep. 51: Decentralized Voting (with Sandra Miller from Democracy.Earth)

In this episode, we discussed the idea of decentralized voting using blockchain technology. Listen:

Episode notes:

What is Democracy.Earth?
Origins of Democracy Earth Foundation
Democracy and voting
Problem to be solved- Corruption
Commercial – DemocracyEarth Ambassador Program
How do you prove your identity without a third party?
Facebook as an authoritarian regime
How the Internet has changed
David Bowie analogy about the internet
How you can get involved!

Learn more:

The Democracy.Earth website

Digital gap between rural and nonrural America persists (Pew Research)

The Future of Democracy by Santiago Siri at TEDxStPeterPort (video)

The Democracy Earth Ambassadors Program (Github)

Note: Ray meant to say bitcoin rewards for mining will end in 2140 (not 2040)

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