Ep. 53: The Dark Side of Leadership (with Alex Straley)

In this episode, we talk about bad bosses and more with Alex Straley, a leadership development consultant at IBM! (Alex’s views in this episode are solely his own and do not represent IBM.)

Episode notes:

  • Characteristics of bad bosses
  • What makes a bad boss “bad”?
  • There is not one kind of management
  • Managers vs. leaders
  • Military leadership
  • Cruel work environments
  • Why are we mean to each other in the workplace?
  • Commercial: Doppelgang
  • Giving feedback to a manager
  • How to be a better manager
  • Be ready to be wrong
  • What it means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • The golden rule vs. the platinum rule
  • The impact of personality and environment on behavior
  • The importance of habit-building
  • What do my employees need to succeed?

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.

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