Ep. 66: Dark Web, Drugs, and Deterrence (with Lyn Ulbricht)

Our guest for this episode was Lyn Ulbricht of the Free Ross movement. Ross Ulbricht was convicted of crimes associated with the Silk Road.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Ross’s experience in federal prison. What is life like in federal prison? Having a family member in prison.
  • Becoming a public figure; opportunities for public speaking. Experiences with the media.
  • Learning about law, government, and rights. Seeking clemency. The courtroom experience. What should a nonviolent charge look like? The damage of nonviolent crimes. What does this mean for the future of nonviolent crimes, especially those that use new technologies like bitcoin and the dark web? Is the law keeping up with technology?
  • Internet privacy.
  • The War on Drugs.
  • The Free Ross movement. Is Ross’s sentence fair, and what was the purpose of his sentence? The petition (started July 2018); 60k signatures in the first month, now nearing 141k.
  • Will other marketplaces like Silk Road exist after this?
  • Is this a tipping point in history?

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