Positive Feedback Loop—the podcast! We discuss tech, history, culture.

Co-hosts: Ray, Luis, and Steph.

How it all started

This all started out on a boat and a lot of wild conversations that resulted in a lot of wild ideas. We realized, hey, we could continue talking like we always do… but record it and let the world listen in.

Starting Out crop.jpg

Why we do it

Our unique backgrounds allow us to talk about broad topics while driving into the core of society’s perceptions of tech, history, and culture. We get excited about conversations that expand our imagination and allows us to reflect philosophically. We enjoy stretching an idea to its thinnest layer then digging deep into it with a whole set of different perspectives. We formed this podcast to express our creativity, opinions, and the occasional Truth Facts(TM).

Who we do it for

To all our enthusiastic listeners: Stay Crazy!

Who we are

The visualizations of our voices really explain us best, so here you go.