To age or not to age? Wait a minute…   Episode notes:  Society’s fear of aging Agism Seniors and their independence Tom Leer’s song Aging for women vs. men Aging in Japanese culture The Giver Experience over mere ability The perks of being old Traveling and age Commercial: Time Paradox Box Why are younger people […]

If you’re a time traveler, please comment on this post to let us know if you did actually attend Stephen Hawking’s party. Thanks. Episode notes:  Ep. 22: Time Travel – Omega Hermione’s time turner Time zones: Stephanie lived the same day twice Boston: the city out of time The Lake House, First Edition, Primer, Back […]

There’s a lot to talk about in this episode of Positive Feedback Loop. In this episode we start off with an energetic debate about time and end with some philosophical pondering about the universe. Topics: Time as context Why are so many fairytales and movies about architecture? Moral of the story: TV vs. Aesop’s fables vs. […]