What is a consumer? How do producers and consumers function in the ecological world? What is the difference between consumerism and materialism? Are consumers more empowered than before? Do we have an obsession with acquisition? Other topics addressed include: morality and spending (e.g., “Fair Trade”), customizing consumerism, waste and giving, minimalism.

Can driverless cars make moral decisions? In this episode we discuss the future of autonomous vehicles. Episode notes:  MIT’s Moral Machine test Who would you save? Fate and interference, guilt Kant’s autonomous morality Utilitarianism Patience with people vs. machines MBTA and Amtrak stories Consumer comfort with driverless cars Blame in autonomous vehicle accidents The future […]

In Episode 19 we had a nice chat with Geoff Parker, professor and author. He shared his thoughts on platform economics—and why they matter. Definitely give this episode a listen and buy his book Platform Revolution. Episode notes: About Geoff What is a platform? Demand, supply, and matching Network effects, two-sided markets, multi-sided markets The […]

In this week’s episode, we discussed entrepreneurship with Ian Mashiter, Director of Entrepreneurship Activities at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Episode notes: Why entrepreneurship is critical for the economy The relevance of entrepreneurship to large corporations “It’s really about a transformation of minds. It’s really about getting people to have an entrepreneurial way of […]