When you think of authority, what is the first color that you think of? What is authority? What are social contracts? Where does authority come from? What is the difference between power and authority? Commercial: Listen to more episodes! Looking through The Power of Political Authority, a book by Michael Huemer. Implicit and explicit consent. […]

Are you thinking of starting an MBA? In an MBA now? About to graduate? Here are some reflections that might help you get the most out of your experience. Episode notes:  What we did before we started the MBA program The role of diversity and different types of diversity Choosing extracurriculars What is a case […]

So you went to college online. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you learned how to build a house learning exclusively from YouTube videos. Well, listen to this. Episode notes:  What is a MOOC? Are MOOCs more interesting than normal college courses? Are MOOCs the future? Are online courses effective? The role of online learning in […]

The age-old question: do grades matter? We’ve heard this question about a thousand times and decided to tackle it head on. Episode notes:  Do grades correctly reflect achievement? How are grades constructed? Grades as inaccurate predictors of success Different sources of power Professors and power The status of honor societies Competition, aspiration Commercial: Time paradox […]