In this episode, you’ll learn what midwifery is all about from a professional midwife who runs a birth center in Northern California. Our special guest Allison Blackham, founder of Mariposa Birth and Wellness, talks about the relationship midwifery has with the healthcare industry, the history of midwifery, the risks and rewards of childbirth, and even […]

What is truth? Listen to this episode: In this episode we define truth and we compare truth vs. reality. Then, we talk about the role of data in truth-seeking, and ask, will the truth set us free? Is ignorance bliss? What does it mean to be a truth seeker? The responsibility of truth, painful truths, […]

In this episode, we talk about forms of meditation and prayer. We discuss topics such as Tai Chi, taking the time to think, running as meditation, Ray’s temple visit, the role of silence, the rhythms of our bodies, chanting, ASMR, breathing, singing, flying, and slowing down. Also, joining us during the commercial for a “moment […]

We are happy to announce that you can stream the podcast on YouTube. Enjoy PFL Classic (the early years lol) or recent PFL episodes (with exciting new guests and topics). Visit the Positive Feedback Loop on YouTube and make sure you SUBSCRIBE!!! Listen to a recent episode with guest Kari Wu (founder of Screen Door […]

In this episode we delve into the depths and mysteries of SLEEP. What is sleep? Why does it exist? What are the cultural dimensions to sleep? Episode notes:  What defines sleep? What’s your common sleep position? Why do we sleep? Sleep deprivation The relationship of anxiety and sleep Sleep apnea and night terrors Naps and […]